Individualized Instruction
We specifically tailor our lessons to an individual child’s learning needs. No two children are alike. During the school year, we see children between one and four times per week, depending on the child’s needs. Over the summer, we offer intensives where we see a child more frequently. Generally, lessons are 45 minutes or 60 minutes long. Longer lessons┬ámay be recommended depending on the child’s needs and age.

$115 per 45 minute lesson
$140 per 60 minute lesson
* An additional $40 – $60 travel fee is added for lessons outside our office.

Reading, Writing, and Math Assessments
Comprehensive evaluations of a child’s current reading, writing, and/or math skills, based on interviews combined with formal and informal assessment tools, are available. A written report with the child’s current functioning and recommendations is generated upon completion of the assessment.