I have often told people that Hannelore “walks on water.” My son has been seeing her since the summer after Kindergarten. He is now in third grade. When he came to Leap2Learn he couldn’t even couple letters with their sounds, and it wasn’t from lack of exposure. The problem was, up to that point, everyone was taking the natural worn path of going to his “front door” for access, but it was locked. And then, Leap2Learn knocked on his “side door”—with their truly unique and effective approach to breaking down reading and language—and my son said, “Thank you! Please come in!” It’s almost that simple. He has flourished there. He still meets daily challenges, but he feels prepared, equipped and confident in facing them. The program is so effective, in my mind, I wonder why ALL children aren’t taught this way.  I only wish there were hundreds, no thousands, of people like Hannelore and Joel to help kids with this very basic right—the right to read, write and feel good about themselves doing it.

– Parent of 3rd grade student


“My sons have had the privilege of working with Leap2learn for about 6 years, and both boys have benefited tremendously from the Joel’s guidance. He was able to identify issues regarding focus and organizational skill as well as self confidence in our boys and work with these specific problems in depth. Leap2Learn was instrumental in teaching my boys how to write and organize their thoughts and ideas, and we also noticed more focus and attention to details in math and science.Both my boys LOVED Joel. Through the years, he not only became their anchor as far as academics and success in the classroom was concerned, but more importantly their tutor became their friend, their mentor, and their guidance counselor, guiding them through the high school testing and application process. It has been the most productive experience for us through elementary and middle school and we are all extremely sad to have to move on during high school. We would have not survived middle school without Joel’s support.”

– Parent of eighth grade twins


“Our five year old daughter has been working with Hannelore and Leap 2 Learn for less than two months. Because of the unique teaching method, she instantaneously grasped how to sound out letters and is already using those techniques to read her first little words. Their teaching method is tailored to each learner, and incorporates wonderful games that are irresistible to our daughter. You will certainly see early results, but what we most appreciate is that our daughter is truly enjoying this process of learning. She is thrilled when it is lesson day, and actually chooses to practice on her off days. This is not a testament to our daughter, but to her teacher.”

– Parents of Kindergarten student